Branding Sessions - Calgary Lifestyle Brand Photographer

What I knew as Commercial photography or Environmental photography is now know as Branding Photography. To me is has a much less stiff edge and room to show how things are done and personalities or small business owners. Also it is great for material for websites, social media feeds and promotional materials. I have been lucky to do several over the years with local and mostly women-owned businesses. The highlight of my career is working with Google in a project on taking great wedding photos with your Google Phone. That collage was all with a phone!

I love exercise clubs now, so sleek and with some fun equipment like Junction 9 Yoga and Pilates, Barre Body Studio. I have worked with out of town destinations like Sundance Lodges Campsite. I have led photography instruction portions in workshops and so fun - modelling portfolios! I know there are lots more, but just a little note that I do branding work as well! Great photography makes all the difference in promoting you business.

Styling shoot with Apostle Jewelery